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The Lithovit 15g sachet is the ideal way to try Lithovit and see for yourself.  Ideal for a test for the small blockholder, the 15g sachet will suit the home gardener and should last the home gar..
Using the Lithovit 500g pack to quickly but can't justify going up to the 10kg bucket?  Then this package deal of 4 x 500g packs offers great savings. ..
Lithovit is a safe BioGro approved product manufactured using tribodynamic milling tecnhnology that mills the particles so small that they migrate inside the cellular spaces, adhering to the cell wall..
The Lithovit 500g pack is a perfect size for small block-holders or for doing larger trials.  Pretty useful for the active home gardener with a larger garden. ..
Lithovit 10kg buckets are the cost effective way of increasing crop yield and improving plant health for commercial users. If you commercially grow any of the following you need to try Lithovit. ..
Buy a Lithovit 4 four sachet pack for extended trials or for a large Home garden.  Keep some sachets for yourself and give some to friends. ..
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